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Modernized Alternative Healthcare Center.

Our business Idea is unique .We are ‘ Healthy Being ‘ as the name suggests.It is about the healthy survival ;not only the treatment after the illness has set in or after the full damage has been caused to the body . Our USP is

  • We can instantly diagnose both ;physical and mental problems at the initial as well as later stages.
  • We use the scientific machinery which are certified by the US accreditation companies.
  • The best part of our services is that we really appreciate and welcome the feedback guven by the patients.Reviews given by the patients who got a full stop to their suffering after getting the treatment by the Healthybeing physiotherapy,who had earlier been seeking improvement or not satisfied even by the highly expensive hospitals.

We work on the concept of :
Acupressure : pressure-less
Acupuncture : puncture-less ;means no physical harm to your body using needle.

We work on the scientifically verified concepts of modernized health care, using the traditional methods alongwith the the modernised technology to get the best results .
HealthyBeing has been working in different models including :
-Working with different hospitals
-Providing home services
-Aslo worked with corporates like Hero Motocorp ( Before Covid-19)
-Worked with the Indian Navy ( having a revenue of two lakhs).

As our business has been growing with the time,we have started our Franchise Model having two different ways in itself. These models will require just an investment of 4-10 Lakh Rupees ,based on the Machinery that is included in the Model .
To make the process smoothly ongoing,we have the franchise model that continues for straight five years without any renewal,so you can focus on your business primarily.

  1. As a businessman – You take our Franchise and you yourself run the business with our initial support and hand holding i.e.,initial one week training for the staff and later providing a Six month diploma course , Legal work,Machinery, Technology, Certification . And we’d also assist you in the recruitment of doctors or any other required member at the clinic .
In the start of business,we also send our experts to your place to guide and assist you in every way possible.
And the plus point is that we are already active on all our social media platforms and we will start marketing about your franchise even before your clinic becomes operational,So that we start having a nice patient foot-fall or a better reach to the patients from the very first day .

2.As a professional
When you yourself are a Doctor , Physiotherapist or the person who is going to do the process by your ownself, then you can yourself start the business with the franchise including different machinery and any other assistance in the management process .
We will always be there to help and support you .

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