About Us

Bio Physio Therapy is a registered trademark owned by Aarogita Health & Wellness Pvt. Ltd. Bio Physio Therapy has an Alternative Therapy Center in Gurgaon whose mission is to eliminate dependency on Chemicals, Medicines, Steroids etc. in a natural way using a modern and advanced technique.

We are spreading smile on the faces of:

  • Those who are not getting results from Hospitals
  • Have been recommended Surgery but want to avoid it
  • Have post-surgery complications
  • Want to get rid of Negative Side Effects of Medicines based on Chemicals.
A Modern and Scientific Approach to Alternative Therapy

Having an objective of gradually reducing dependency on harmful chemicals/medicines and finally get rid of those.

This is achieved by applying Modern Devices and uniquely combining below procedures:

  •  Acupressure (Pressure-less)
  • Acupuncture Treatment (Needle-less)
  •  Bio-Electricity of our body
  • Magnet, Massage, Scrapping Therapy
  • Powered by Phyto-Medicines extracted from Organic Herbals

This concept aids in mainstream treatment to subsequently taper and eliminate dependence on Steroids, Insulin, and other drugs having side effects.

Kindly allow us for a demo of Bio-Electricity, how effective it is can be shown in a minute.

Partial list of services for your perusal

Diseases have become intense in the 21 Century and have gained great momentum and strength. Traditional treatment systems which have originated at least 5000 Years ago were relevant that time when there were

Happy Faces of Happy Patients

Patients smiles are 5 stars for us. It value us more when they happily leave our center saying “Unbelievable, Thanks a Lot “.