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India’s First Chain of Health Centers based on “Modernized Alternative Therapies” primarily Acupuncture & Acupressure.

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Life without Medicine& Surgery ||| Diagnose &Eliminate Diseases before they Arise

Reduce dependency on harmful chemicals/medicines. If you are not getting relief from any other modes of treatment, you may expect substantial results here.
bioPhysioTherapy™is aModernised approach to Alternative Therapy. HealthyBeing™ is a Chain of Wellness CentersHQ in Gurgaon.

Fertility / IVF Treatment using Acupuncture and Advanced Alternative Therapies

We Transform YOU from Human Being to Healthy Being

• Natural Approach to Health Care has gained prominent acceptance in the present era
• How about a system that has the goodness of ModernMedical Science as well as Traditional Alternative Systems of Healthcare !
• Instant Diagnosis to report both Physical &Psychological problems even before the symptoms arise

• Treat patients who are not getting results from Hospitals& other means with Money Back Guarantee.
• Vision – To bring a revolution in Alternative Medicines and Lead the Industry by facilitating Alternative Medicare as the Primary mode for Prevention & Treatment, through high levels of availability & affordability in Health Care.
• Mission – To bring Vibrancy, Vitality & Vigour in Individual Health; eliminating dependency on Chemicals, Medicines, Steroids, Insulin etc. in a natural way using a modern technique called bioPhysioTherapyTM.

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with bioPhysioTherapy™

A Modern and Scientific Approach to Alternative Therapy ||| Tradition ModernisedTechnology

What is bioPhysioTherapy

bioPhysioTherapy is a kind ofPhysical Therapy, but not limited to bone-nerve-muscle only.This is achieved by applying Advanced Scientific Devices and uniquely combining below procedures:

  • Acupressure: Pressure-less

    Acupuncture: Needle-less

  • Magnet, Massage, Scrapping, Cupping, Laser, Music Therapy, Neuro Therapy, Quantum Energy, Auricology, Adv Brain Stimulation etc.

  • Balancing of: Five Elements, Chakras, Meridians, Aura, bio-Electricity, Body Chemicals (Acid-Alkaline, Hormones), Vaata-Pitta-Kapha in a Scientific way

  • Compliment mainstream treatment to taper & eliminate dependence on Steroids, Insulin, and other drugs with side effects.


Diagnosis as Never Seen Before

Alternative Therapy Diagnosis System through US-FDA approved Devices to diagnose:

• Past, Present & Future: Present health issues, Upcoming Diseases long-term diseases, Past Issues if not completely uprooted.
• Body & Mind: Can diagnose both Physical & Psychological aspects
• Non-Invasive: Root cause analysis without Blood Test / X-Ray / MRI / Ultra-sound/ECG
• Quick – All major organs diagnosed in just 15 min
• Diseases which have no direct/easy tests – Sleep, Appetite, Migraine, Asthma, Allergy, Sciatica, Tumor, Ulcer, Tinnitus, Haemorrhoids, Fatty Liver, Prostrate, Bladder etc.
• Diagnose PAIN, Early Warning of a Heart Stroke, Gall Stone, Brest Cancer, Stress, Depression etc.
• Any Life-Style Problem even before the Symptoms arise
• While you are under influence of Drug/insulin, a test can’t detect BP/Diabetes/Thyroid etc. but our system can diagnose it as it relies on the root cause than the symptoms.

Partial list of services for your perusal

Health Club

Health Club for the fit, not-so-fit & people with Long Term (life Style) Diseases

Health Centre

Health Centre (Prevention & Cure) and Health Services Aggregation Portal & App

Professional Training

Training & Development of Health Care Professionals

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What can be Diagnosed/Treated

1. 1Insomnia / Bad Sleep Quality
2. Allergy, Asthma, Bronchitis, Lungs
3. Spine, Spondylitis, Slip-disc, Nerve Compression, Disk Herniation/bulging, Shoulder, Hands, Legs etc.
4. Eyes, Teeth, ENT, Tonsil, Tinnitus
5. Chest Pain
6. Heart, Stroke, Brain Arteries
7. Liver, Gall Bladder/Stone, Anus
8. Constipation, Appetite
9. Lymph, Spleen, Intestines
10. Gastric/Peptic/Mouth Ulcer
11. Cholesterol, B.P. (High/Low)
12. Diabetes, Pancreas
13. Thyroid, Hormones
14. Inflammation in GB, Colon, Intestine
15. Prostrate, Urinary Tube, Bladder, Kidney
16. Appendix, Internal/Ext Hemorrhoids
17. Cough, Cold & Respiratory diseases / cold catching tendency
18. Skin, Swelling, Pimples, Acne
19. Impotence, Uterus, Vagina &Gynae Problems
20. Brest Tumor
21. Rheumatism, Arthritis
23. STRESS, Depression, Panic Attack, Psychological Disorders
24. PAIN
25. Obesity
26. Fatigue
27. Auto Immune
28. Anything else even if you are not getting results elsewhere

About The Founder

Dr. Arpita Shefali, 10+ years of experience

The Subject Matter Expert behind the overwhelming results and the outstanding reviews which demonstrates the real User Love
She practices diagnosis and treatment based on Advanced Alternative Therapy called bioPhysioTherapyTM , Diet & Nutrition, primarily focusing on Advanced Acupuncture & Acupressure using Modern Scientific Instruments.

Her USP is carrying out Instant Non-Invasive Diagnosis to identify the root causes behind the disease/disorder to enable patients to get 3600 Diagnosis and 3600 Treatment.

Happy Faces of Happy Patients

Patients smiles are 5 stars for us. It value us more when they happily leave our center saying “Unbelievable, Thanks a Lot “.