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ACUPUNCTURE is one of the best therapeutic methods, which may help to resolve BACK PAIN, NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN.

 It triggers the brain to release ENDORPHINS and to increase the BLOOD CIRCULATION in the area. Regular treatments will force the vascular and nervous systems to continue essential process of healing, which is done by the body itself.

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In Traditional Medicine (TM) we look at how the environment, lifestyle factors, emotions, our inherited tendencies and much more, is affecting our health. When imbalance occurs in one or more areas then illness follows. Acupuncture and TM practices aim to correct those imbalances by encouraging the free flow of vital energy and blood within the body. We do this by using a variety of methods, including Needling, Heat treatments and Cupping, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice.

Acupuncture and TM can assist with a wide range of health concerns, including, but not limited to, digestive disturbance, hormonal imbalance, fertility, injury, immune weakness, stress and fatigue, sleep disorders, cough, sinusitis, anxiety and depression. It has a large scope of practice as we look at each person as an individual and then treat according to the factors that are affecting you personally.

Acupuncture and cupping can be great of those nasty body aches and pains. Individuals who go to the gym and weight train may find their muscles can become tight and stiff over time. This is due to the constant blood flow and pump to the muscles being activated. Acupuncture and cupping is a great way to help relieve some of that tension and built up blood stagnation.

Other Therapies

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a medical practice in which some special points of the body are stimulated by quenching the needle. The needles are usually inserted into the skin, which reduces pain and treats various health-related diseases.

Sujok Therapy

Sujok is nature’s gift to humanity. Similarity (Homo) is the basic principle of this science. Our entire body in miniature is represented in our hands & Feet. Like we use remote control to operate television we use our hands & feet to influence our whole body and cure disease.

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Magnet Therapy

One of the most effective Alternate Medicine Therapy is Magnet Therapy, also called magnetic field therapy and bioenergy therapy. In this therapy, magnets of varying sizes and strengths are placed on the body to relieve pain and treat disease.

Stress Management

We provide therapies and education that provides stress relief for treating anxiety, job pressure and so on. Bio Physiotherapy’s professionals will help you control, prevent & reduce stress.

Pain Management

The biophysiotherapy physiotherapy center in gurgaon for patients with complicated and chronic medical, surgical or neurological pain. Our physiotherapy center – one of the few such centers in gurgaon – averages about 150 patient visits a month. We have a team of physiotherapists and doctors whose specialties include physical therapy.

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